The City of West Miami established its Recreation Center in 1953. Physical features of buildings, fields and courts have changed over time but the initial concept of providing a local Center for children and adults to congregate and participate in recreational activities and programs has perpetuated in its original form. The needs of young families are addressed by the Recreation Center through the provision of afterschool care and summer camp programs. Various intramural and instructional sports programs enhance physical fitness and athletic development. The Recreation Center has had a membership policy that ensures secure, supervised use by both residents and non-residents of West Miami. Various programs and activities are continuously offered and special events are celebrated throughout the year at the Recreation Center, making it a focal point of community and family involvement. Former members may visit the Recreation Center and note the changes in the Park's features but after observing the goings-on will always conclude that it is still the "Rec" in spirit.

A Note from the Director

Dear West Miami Residents and Park Visitors,

Welcome to the West Miami Recreation Center! On behalf of our staff, I would like to welcome you and assure you that your time spent using our facility will be safe and enjoyable. In order to make this possible, we have developed a system of rules that everyone must observe. Please read and go over these rules with your children. If everyone keeps the rules we can enjoy a safe and friendly environment. Over the years, our park has seen an increase in participation, for ages 6 and over using our amenities. Inasmuch we continue to promote a friendly hometown environment, we believe that it is time to reacquaint you with our park regulations. For those who are new to the City, we trust that you will find these rules informational. We have attached a copy of the rules for your ready reference. For those with minor children who attend our park facility, summer camp, and after school program, it is recommended that you discuss the rules with your children. In closing, it is a privilege to have you visit the City of West Miami Recreation Center .

John-Michael Lopez
Park Director