After School Care Program

Our After School Care Program is designed to provide a safe and secure environment for children to augment their academic as well as their social learning experiences. The West Miami Recreation Center provides after school care with indoor and outdoor facilities for children ages 6 and older. As part of our program, the City of West Miami provides a free bus service from Sylvania Heights Elementary School to our facility. Upon arrival at the Recreation Center, both groups are afforded time to do their homework while supervised by staff and volunteers. Each group is also provided time to play organized sports and other outdoor activities. Tutoring by Miami-Dade County certified teachers is also provided twice a week for those who are registered. We maintain a child to staff ratio of 15 to 1. Our staff has years of experience in child care supervision. 

Resident Prices: 1 Child $40 monthly
  2 Children

$64 monthly

  3 Children $80 monthly
  Additional child $10 More

Non-Resident Prices: 1 Child $120 monthly
  2 Children

$192 monthly

  3 Children $240 monthly
  Additional child $10 More


We also provide this program for middle and high school students. Non-Residents pay a one-time membership fee of $150.00 per school year. Residents must bring in proper documentation to have the fee waived.

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Summer Camp

Our annual Summer Camp program runs from the day after school ends until the day before school starts the following school year. We offer a variety of indoor and outdoor activities including field trips, sports lessons, performing arts classes, and special events. Our summer staff consists of year-round staff, Miami-Dade County Public school teachers, high school and college students, and volunteers. For additional information regarding our Summer Camp program, please see the Summer Camp Pamphlet below.


Schedule of Fees:


Volunteer Program

Volunteers learn job skills, receive valuable on-the-job training, and earn community service hours. These hours can be used to fulfill their schools' community service requirements. Teenagers must be 15 years old to begin volunteering. During the summer, Non-Residents must pay a fee of $50.00 upon completion of the volunteer application. Residents must bring in documentation to prove that they reside in the City of West Miami. Once proper documentation is received, the fee for residents is waived. During the school year, no payment is required.

As part of our After School Care program, volunteers assist the elementary school children with their homework. They also take part in helping facilitate outdoor games and activities run by our staff. During the summer, volunteers have the opportunity to be selected to go on fieldtrips as part of our counselor groups. Those who stay back at our facility help out with our lunch program and with outside activities. 

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