D.A.R.E. Unit

The West Miami Police Department is proud of the service Officer Alvarez and Sergeant De La Uz offer the children in the fifth grade who attend Sylvania Heights Elementary School.  For a few years Officer Alvarez has been providing Drug & Alcohol abuse education to our students.  As the school years approaches the end of each term, the fifth graders attend a graduation ceremony where they are presented with certificates of graduation from the program and reiterate their commitment to Resist Drugs and Alcohol in the future. The students learn of the dangers and problems associated with drug, alcohol, and tobacco product use/abuse.  Upon graduation the fifth graders are much better prepared to move on to the Middle School environment and avoid the potential pitfalls they may encounter with regards to drug, alcohol, and tobacco product use/abuse.

The City of West Miami, The West Miami Police Department, the staff at Sylvania Heights Elementary School, as well as the Miami-Dade School Board are committed to providing this type of positive education to our students.  Collectively we support the D.A.R.E. program and strive to improve the education of all the students.  West Miami sponsors this program, and we are delighted with the job Ofc. Alvarez performs year after year at our school.