Tree Service Permits

Will the City plant trees on the right-of-way of my home?
Yes in most cases, assuming that there is adequate room to do so. The predominant tree species of your street, as determined by Public Works Department personnel, will be planted as a City service at no charge. Residents are prohibited from planting anything on the right-of-way without the proper authorization and permitting through a landscape encroachment review process.

Does the City prohibit the pruning of tree roots from City trees that cross over onto private property?
No, residents may prune tree roots that are on private property. The City does provide this service. Residents are cautioned that any root pruning has the potential for being injurious to the trees they support; therefore caution should be taken when performing these activities. Roots on the public right-of-way may not be cut by residents. The City may prune these roots from time to time in accordance with its needs.

Will the City resod the City parkway (swale) in front of my home with grass?
No, the City does not provide this service. The City will repair damage that is caused by its activities such as street paving or utility installation.